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allergic disorders

Allergic Disorders

We’ll discuss your symptoms and treat your allergies.

Dermatologic Surgeons

Dermatologic Surgeons

Our team will assess your condition and provide a solution.

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Head & Neck Cancer Surgery

We are Jonesboro’s throat cancer specialists.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Physician in Jonesboro

The practice of otolaryngology is one of the oldest specialties in the United States. An ear, nose and throat doctor focuses on medical treatments and surgical procedures of the ears, nose/sinuses and throat. At the Otolaryngology and Facial Surgery Centre, we bring the experience of more than 50 years to our Jonesboro patients; we’ve been practicing since 1958. We are a board-certified American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery facility, and we offer both adult and pediatric services. For your convenience and comfort, we have hospital privileges at St. Bernards Healthcare.

Adult & Pediatric Diagnosis & Treatment

What can you expect from an ENT physician? Our center offers diagnosis and treatment for many of the issues facing your ears, nose, throat, and head or neck, because:

  • Nearly 10 percent of North Americans suffer from some type of hearing loss. As ENT doctors, we are trained in the treatment of ear infections, hearing loss, ear noise, balance disorders and some cranial nerve disorders.
  • Chronic sinusitis is one of the top health complaints in the country. Otolaryngologists are experts in the area of the nasal cavity and sinuses. We’ll treat your allergies, deviated septum and smell disorders.
  • The throat plays a vital role in your speaking and eating abilities. We manage diseases of this area, treat voice and swallowing disorders and have expertise in upper aero-digestive tract problems.
  • The head and neck are both involved in the functions of seeing, hearing and smelling. We are trained to treat infections, fight tumors, conduct facial surgery and reconstruct faces scarred by injury or deformity.

Specializing in Facial Surgery

The Otolaryngology and Facial Surgery Centre is located in Jonesboro. We are proud to offer ENT services to our community. Contact us for information about head and neck surgery. You can reach us at 870-932-6799.